andre verona

Interactive Design    User Experience    Art Direction    Project Management






I’m an Art Director, Digital Producer, Project Manager, Expert in Interactive & Print Design. A lover of Art, Technology and Movies.


I’m very hands-on production and boast the ability to create with analytical thinking focused on solutions for client needs. My goal is to create, produce and manage interactive products ensuring outstanding user experience in multiple interfaces. When I’m not in the digital world, I enjoy spending time with my family and playing with my two little boys. I also love traveling and practicing water sports.

My passion for design begun as a child – I was enthralled with the way comic books communicated perfectly by putting together vivid images with words floating to life in bubbles.

Years later, I found myself enchanted, not only with print art, but also with audio and video, earning me the nickname of the family’s “tech guy.”

As I evolved, so did technology, and at 14, I was building my own computers to “play” with the innovative multimedia technology.

When the time came to choose a major, Advertising and Marketing was the ideal way to explore my passions in a professional way. Then, during my first years working professionally as an Advertising Art Director, the internet sprung–along with an entirely new and fascinating step in technology where I could put together not only everything that I knew and loved, but with the enhanced ability to add animation into the static world of images I’d been used to. So I packed my fancy PowerBook and moved to Los Angeles to further my education in Interactive Media.

My new-found knowledge, along with my background in multimedia and art direction, set me apart in the digital world, and paved the way to a fun and challenging career as an interactive designer and developer.

Today, I have the privilege of creating and managing projects from concept to execution with sheer passion, extreme attention to details, team leadership and organizational talent as a Digital Producer and Project Manager. I simply live with an intense fascination for communication, art, and technology.

My skills include: Understanding of online marketing and digital advertising, user experience, budgeting, procurement and planning. Hand-coded HTML & CSS programming, Flash ActionScript and use PHP and JQuery. Print, web and interactive art direction and production. Flows, wireframe and prototype creation. Digital animation, advertising, corporate ID and promotional material. Video and audio editing. Also, interface with client, publishers, printers, programmers, media and rich media advertising companies. I’m fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Pixels ignite my passion.

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If you have a project in mind or have any communication and design need in your company, feel free to send me a message using the email below or reach me directly by phone.